An Interview With a Burned Out 40 Year Veteran of Dentistry Who Used Dental Sleep Medicine To Transform His Life

Before we get into the specifics of how this model works, you need to understand what is possible when you are using it.

One of our biggest challenges at the International Academy of Sleep is to have dentists actually BELIEVE the results our members create are possible.

With virtually all dentists struggling with making sleep work in their practice, the idea of consistently generating 20-50 sleep patients per month and actually getting paid for them is far outside the realm of possibility.

In Module 2 of this course, listen to a recent interview I did with Dr. Jay Neuhaus. Jay started in sleep because he was burned out after 40 years living the dental grind.

What happened when he entered the Dental Sleep MBA™ program is nothing short of amazing. Listen to him tell his story in his own words.

The Patient Generation Process You Can’t Get Anywhere Else: How to See 20-50 Sleep Patients Per Month.