Principles of Dental Sleep

An Evidence Based Practical Course in Dental Sleep Medicine

February 4-5, 2022 | Mariott Orlando Airport Lakeside | Orlando, FL


An Exhaustive Introduction into the Science of Dental Sleep Medicine

This course has been specifically designed to introduce dental sleep medicine concepts in an entertaining, honest and straightforward fashion using evidenced based concepts and emphasizing the model change required to successfully implement these concepts into a general dental practice.

Many commercial organizations are bombarding dentists with information about the potential role of dentistry is sleep medicine; unfortunately, only a fraction of those who take the courses that are  consequently to learn sleep medicine have ever successfully added these concepts to their general practice.  This course will teach not only the concepts of sleep medicine but emphasize the challenges for the general dentist that need to be
addressed successfully to benefit help your patients with sleep disturbed
breathing conditions.

This evidenced based course will review the current lit from physiology of oral appliances to the role of oral appliance therapy and CPAP in sleep medicine. All literature references will be made available to all attendees.

Dr. Barry Glassman

Lead Instructor | Clinical Director, IAOS

Dr. Glassman is well known for his teaching of orofacial pain and joint dysfunction courses as well as dental sleep medicine, which he has been teaching over fifteen years. His unique and entertaining style as well as the creation of a safe educational environment helps make his courses ideal for maximum learning. This course is ideal either as one’s first course or as a refresher course for the doctor and key staff.

barry glassman

What You'll Learn at the Principles of Dental Sleep Course

Basic Sleep principles, including both the physiology of sleep and the pathophysiology of obstructive sleep apnea, will be taught in detail.  A short history of the disorder and a section on epidemiology is included. Treatment alternatives will be reviewed, and of course oral appliance therapy will be taught in detail.  A critically important section on bruxism, a movement disorder of sleep, as well as a section on dealing with the temporomandibular joint issues and other comorbidities of oral appliance therapy including the “dreaded” occlusal changes, will emphasize the difference between fact and fiction.

The “soft skills” taught at this course are, frankly, as valuable as the evidenced based education into the science of sleep. An honest look at appliance therapy results allows the practitioner to appropriately set patient and physician expectations, a key to the success of any DSM practice.

Upon Completion of This Course, You Will Be Able to:

1. Comprehend the basic science of sleep medicine.

2. Understand the role of oral appliance therapy in sleep medicine and be prepared to initiate oral appliance therapy in your treatment regimen.

3. Effectively screen patients for sleep disturbed breathing.

4. Understand the importance of diagnosis and why snoring only appliances without diagnosis are contraindicated.

5. Appreciate the importance of coordinated care with our medical colleagues and gain the skills needed to coordinate care for your mutual patients.

6. Gain a new appreciation for when and why occlusion matters and how that determines the design of bruxism appliances.

7. Master appropriate screening and diagnostic procedures and alternatives for increased access to care.

8. Document diagnosis and treatment appropriately for “Track 1 and Track 2 patients.”

9. Increase your referral pattern beyond your own patients.

10. Gain sufficient knowledge of the types of appliances that are available as well as being prepared to now only choose an appliance but effectively prescribe and manage the chosen appliance.

11. Gain the skills required to diagnose the potential untoward effects of oral appliance therapy and treat them accordingly.

12. Gain an appreciation for evidenced based therapy and have that evidence at your fingertips for your reference as needed

13. Appropriately apply the risk/benefit quotient when treating patients in relationship to any occlusal changes or the other untoward effects that may occur.

14. Appreciate the epidemiology of sleep medicine and use that evidence in treatment decision making

15. Return to the office with a renewed confidence in one’s knowledge not only in sleep disturbed breathing, but in issues that involve occlusion and joint dysfunction

This course is designed to take the confusion out of this critical subject matter for the general dentist.


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