The Most Comprehensive Education Program in Dental Sleep Medicine


Unleash Your Full Potential as a Clinician

There are dozens of sleep courses available. Some are weekend courses, some are longer-term. You’ll receive lectures from very intelligent people, and in some cases get letters at the end of your name.

But it is impossible to develop true learning, understanding, and mastery at these courses. By packing tons of information into a tight window of time, the courses don’t allow for full absorption of the material into your brain.

Some courses even offer to sell the answers to the final exam. So if you’re looking to buy your way into Diplomate status, this is not the program for you.

This program is designed to change the way you think.

Our rigorous curriculum takes you deep into the world of dental sleep medicine. It forces you to evaluate literature differently and think critically about it. In the end, you know sleep in your sleep.

A Diplomate Program Like No Other

Experience truly immersive learning and uncover a new way of thinking.


The IAOS Diplomate Program forces you to truly LEARN the material. This rigorous program is not designed to crank out certifications, it’s designed to produce experts.


12 Full-Day Lectures: 4 Live, 8 Virtual
6-10 Required Literature Reviews for Each Module
Presentation to the Group on a Topic of Your Choice
Clinical Presentation
Final Written Exam

The Curriculum

Each module includes a full day lecture, 6-10 supporting pieces of literature, and a pre-test to evaluate your progress.

Step 1

Basic Sleep Medicine and Dentistry’s Role

Exploring and understanding the dental model vs. the medical model. Understanding sleep medicine physiology, history, and epidemiology. Understanding the diagnosis of sleep – PSG channels, sleep stages and cycles, and disorders.

Step 2

Sleep Pathology and Diagnosis

The depth of the program allows a more thorough evaluation of the pathophysiology of sleep disturbed breathing as well as a concentration on the basic physiology of normal sleep. Guest lectures highlight the program with concentrations on EEG, the physiology of sleep initiation and the hormonal effects of altered sleep, and how we can not just learn about sleep hygiene, but appreciate how sleep hygiene can be used to help our patients with oral appliance therapy.

Step 3

Bruxism, TMD, and Occlusion

Our program will explore the many myths about occlusion and parafunction which allows us to treat our patients with more confidence. A careful look at the reality of occlusion and when altered occlusion matters as well as when it doesn’t! A careful evaluation leads us to the understanding of the relationship of parafunction to most of our muscle and joint complications. This allows us not only to treat those complications, but in most cases, avoid them.


OSA Treatment / Oral Appliance Therapy

A careful look at combination therapy, as well as the role of the altering upper airway resistance with oral appliance therapy allows us to maximize the effectiveness of OAT.


Pharmacology and Sleep

We study pharmacology by carefully evaluating neurotransmitters. Not only does this help us more deeply understand the physiology of sleep, but explains the response of sleep alteration by the pharmacotherapy.


Diagnosis and Treatment Review

A thorough evaluation of central sleep apnea and it’s treatment options allows us to more comprehensively understand the role of OAT in the treatment of mixed apnea as well as CSA.


Technology and Dental Sleep

We do a deep dive into the diagnostic process as well as how we use HST and oximetry and more in our titration and post treatment confirmation processes. Imaging, Matrix, High Resolution oximetry, HST’s, PSG’s, DICE, MSLT, MWT, Technology of PAP, Bluetooth wearables and apps.


Advanced Communications with Physicians

How do we explain the role of OAT to our patients and referring physicians. How do we explain to them the likelihood of response without inappropriately setting unrealistic expectations? 


Sleep and Dreams

Understanding why we dream and what it means. Anxiety's role in dreaming. We evaluate post traumatic nightmares and their effect on our patients.


The Model Change Required for a Successful Dental Sleep Medicine Practice

A note from Dr. Barry Glassman

There is, perhaps, no aspect of our Diplomate program that is more important than this. The emphasis of the model change alone makes our program unique and helps create a program that increases not only the dentist’s likelihood of success, but also the potential for him or her to be happy in their new field of endeavor.

Our Diplomates are not taught “facts” to pass a test. More importantly, they are taught concepts that lead them to understand the role of Evidenced Based Dentistry in dental sleep medicine.

Critical thinking, as opposed to linear thinking, is the key, as well as understanding that evidenced based medicine does not mean only following pure science. Sackett teaches that evidenced based medicine is learning to use science to guide our art. EBM is a combination of the science with the practitioner's clinical experience.

So much of what we have learned in dentistry is empirical -- “facts” passed down from generation to generation. Many of those “facts” are indeed myths -- and the myths actually make treating the medical condition of sleep disturbed breathing more difficult. Our Diplomate program is ideal learning in a safe environment. Our doctors are guided towards the science and then given the tools to apply that science in the practice of dental sleep medicine.

Dr. Barry Glassman

Lead Instructor | Director of Education

Dr. Glassman is Diplomate of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management, a Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of the International College of Craniomandibular Disorders. He is the medical director of SandBOX Dental Labs and serves on the Medical Advisory Board of TSOI. He teaches Orofacial Pain and Joint Dysfunction and Dental Sleep Medicine internationally. He is the Director of Education for the International Academy of Sleep.

barry glassman

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