3-Day DSM Immersion August

Austin, TX

August 8-10, 2024

20 Seats

From $1,895

14 CE Hours

3-Day DSM Immersion: A Dental Sleep
Experience Like No Other

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Inside the 3-Day DSM Immersion

IAOS’ 3-Day DSM Immersion is the most comprehensive overview course in dental sleep today. From OSA basics to oral appliances to seeing this in real time inside one of the country’s top-performing practices, you will walk away with a firm foundation in dental sleep, from a business AND clinical perspective! If you’re a hands-on learner, this is the course for you!

What You Will Learn

Business Model for DSM:
Learn every component of the business model over 200 IAOS partner dentists use to generate a continuous stream of physician-diagnosed sleep apnea patients.
Reimbursement Process:
Learn a detailed, sequential process to ensure adequate medical insurance reimbursement, averaging $3,000 per patient.
Fundamentals of DSM: Clinical Science & Oral Appliances
Dr. Brandon Hedgecock, a member of AADSM and a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, will teach you the basic science and introduce you to oral appliances.
Legal, Business, and Insurance Frameworks
Understand the need to create two separate businesses for legal compliance, maximum insurance reimbursement, and future business sale potential.

Meet Your Speakers

3 Days of Action-Packed Content from Elite Speakers Leading the Sleep Dentistry Field

Avi Weisfogel

CEO, International Academy of Sleep

Dr. Brandon Hedgecock

Director, Sleep Better Austin

Dr. Mark Murphy

Chief Learning Officer

What to Expect

Day 1: In-Office Experience
Join us for an exclusive in-depth visit to Dr. Hedgecock’s multi-million dollar practice, Sleep Better Austin. Observe team structure, patient care, and practical DSM techniques.
Day 2: Dental Sleep Medicine 101
On Day 2, attendees will explore the foundational aspects of Dental Sleep Medicine. The day starts with Avi Weisfogel discussing the framework of a profitable sleep business and why simply adding sleep services to dental practices is inefficient. Dr. Mark Murphy then covers the basic principles of sleep medicine, focusing on sleep apnea and oral appliance therapy (OAT). In the afternoon, Dr. Brandon Hedgecock explains how to create strong referrals through diagnostic programs in medical offices, followed by Dr. Murphy’s session on mastering the screening process and reviewing home sleep test results. The day ends with Avi Weisfogel addressing common mistakes in sleep dentistry and presenting IAOS innovations to turn errors into opportunities for better patient care and practice growth.
Day 3: Dental Sleep Medicine 102
Day 3 builds on DSM 101, focusing on advanced concepts and practical applications. It starts with Kaycee Jones on creating a successful sleep practice, followed by Dr. Mark Murphy’s detailed overview of oral appliances and their uses. Avi Weisfogel then discusses converting dental patients into sleep patients. In the afternoon, Dr. Brandon Hedgecock shares insights from building a seven-figure sleep practice, and Heather Wallace talks about the impact of IAOS programs. The day concludes with Avi Weisfogel’s session on essential contracts and processes to protect against audits and ensure success in dental sleep medicine.

Our Promise to You

While we can’t guarantee that a single three-day course will ensure your success, you will leave knowing more than 99.9% of dentists about what is required to succeed in DSM. What you do with that knowledge is up to you. Many choose to participate in our IAOS consulting program for further guidance and support.

Take Action: You have two choices: continue down the traditional dentistry path, or take a risk-free trip and see what DSM is all about.

What People Are Saying

Over 180 Dentists Have Adopted the IAOS Model to Build a Successful Sleep Business

With the readily available daily support from the IAOS team and from fellow members, I was able to increase my sleep appliance numbers over 200 times in just two years. Today, I rent two operatories two days a month, and other than my beautiful wife, my only other payroll is a chairside assistant.


Manhattan, NY

IAOS is like anything else in life: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. If you’re going to join, go at full steam and take advantage of everything that is offered through the organization and you will succeed.


Charleston, SC

Once I made the decision to hang up the handpiece, I was 100% all-in and I have no regrets at all. I never would have done that without IAOS guiding me in that direction. Today, we’re up to just over 20 appliances a month, and we’re planning on ramping that up quite a bit.


Mesa, AZ

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3-Day DSM Immersion, Austin TX,
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