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14 CE Hours

May 19-20, 2023 | Austin, TX

Discover the Proven Blueprint for Success in Dental Sleep Medicine

The Sleep Practice Blueprint Event is a multi-day training in the BUSINESS of dental sleep medicine. Yes, you’ll learn about the science of sleep. But that’s just the beginning.

The rest of the time is used to cover the entire system we use to basically turn the traditional dental sleep medicine model upside down.

This is called a Blueprint, because that’s exactly what it is. We will SHOW YOU the entire process, step-by-step, and have you in a room long enough that we can clearly and meticulously explain every part of the system we’ve taught to some of the most successful dental sleep medicine practice owners in the country.

What we cover during this event is not something you will find anywhere else. No one else could present this to you because no one else KNOWS IT.

We’ve pioneered a complete system for getting sleep patients, getting paid and everything in between. You’ll learn every single detail at the Blueprint Event.

But it’s not just hearing about it – at this event, you have the option to actually see it in action. Peek over the shoulder at Dr. Brandon Hedgecock’s Sleep Better Austin or at Dr. Chad Denman’s Sleep Cycle Center the day before the event to see how a 7-figure sleep-only practice operates in real life.

2+ Days of Action-Packed Content from Successful Speakers Dominating the Sleep World


Avi Weisfogel

Founder & CEO



Dr. Brandon Hedgecock

Founder & CEO

Sleep Better Austin

Member Since 2016


Dr. Chad Denman

Founder & CEO

Sleep Cycle Centers

Member Since 2017

Can YOU Build a Sleep Practice?

The IAOS Sleep Practice Blueprint event will walk you through every step of practicing dental sleep medicine the smart way. We’ll cover oral appliances, patient screening, patient acquisition, and we’ll go into extreme detail on how to get paid handsomely for each patient.

In the end, you’ll know exactly what it takes to build a successful sleep practice. The reality is most dentists fail to make sleep a viable part of their business, and that’s because the traditionally-taught approach fails. At the Sleep Practice Blueprint, we teach you our entire business model, including the details, facts, and figures so you can see proof for yourself this thing WORKS.

These Sleep Practice Blueprint events are an educational and low-risk way to SHOW you how this works. And depending on how things go, you might end up transforming your future in the process.

What You’ll Learn at This Event

business model outline Step 1

The IAOS Business Model

Learn, in extreme detail, every component of the business model over 180 IAOS Members are using to generate and endless stream of physician-diagnosed sleep apnea patients in their practices. This is a dramatically different process than simply generating referrals from sleep physicians – your new business will create a pool of tested and physician-diagnosed patients.

Step 2

Our Proven 27-Step Reimbursement Process

Most dentists struggle to get reimbursed by medical insurance as much as they should, if they even get reimbursed at all. The secret to medical insurance reimbursement is an immense amount of documentation – and we’ve whittled that down to a 27 step process which will ensure you are paid an average of $3,000 per patient, every single time.

27step legalframeworks Step 3

Legal, Business, and Insurance Frameworks

The IAOS model requires two brand-new businesses that do not exist today. While your dental practice can be a key feeder for your sleep practice, you need to keep sleep separate. We show you the business frameworks required to ensure full legal compliance, maximum insurance reimbursement, and future business sale potential.


Fundamentals of Dental Sleep Medicine and Oral Appliances

Learn all the basic science of dental sleep medicine and an intro to oral appliances from Dr. Brandon Hedgecock. Brandon is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) and a Diplomate of American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. He has also achieved Diplomate Status with the American Sleep and Breathing Academy.

brandon speaking

Optional Over-the-Shoulder Training on May 18th

Don’t just listen to a lecture – see it in action. Watch Dr. Hedgecock OR Dr. Denman Interact with Real Patients in a Half-Day Over-the-Shoulder Session

Hedgecock_Brandon_square Dr. Brandon Hedgecock

Sleep Better Austin

  • $2.1 Million Collections in 2021
  • Mastery of In-Office Model
  • Delivered 100 appliances in one month
  • Team of associates managing bulk of work
Denman_Chad_square Dr. Chad Denman

Sleep Cycle Centers

  • $1.1 Million Collections in 2021
  • Mastery of Telemedicine Model
  • 75% of Patients Never Step Foot in Office
  • Health & Wellness Storefront with Supplement Upsells

What People Are Saying

Over 180 dentists have adopted the IAOS model to build a successful sleep business


Today, I rent two operatories two days a month, and other than my beautiful wife, my only other payroll is a chairside assistant that only gets paid for two days a month. With this low overhead we’re able to help 15-20 patients a month with an average net of $4,000 an appliance.

Jay Neuhaus

Manhattan, NY


IAOS is like anything else in life: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. If you’re going to join, go at full steam and take advantage of everything that is offered through the organization and you will succeed.

Dana Blalock

Charleston, SC


Once I made the decision to hang up the handpiece, I was 100% all-in and I have no regrets at all. I never would have done that without IAOS guiding me in that direction. Today, we’re up to just over 20 appliances a month, and we’re planning on ramping that up quite a bit.

Paul Jones

Mesa, AZ

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Course Agenda

Day One

Understanding the Frameworks of a Profitable Sleep Business

Avi WeisfogelWhy adding sleep as a line item in your dental practice is inefficient and what you should do about it

Basic Principles of Sleep Medicine

Dr. Brandon HedgecockUnderstanding the basic principles of sleep apnea and why OAT is an effective treatment

The IAOS Medical Office Sleep Process

Avi WeisfogelHow to install diagnostic programs in medical offices to produce 20+ Sleep Patients every month

Escape from Burnout

Dr. Chad DenmanHow I used IAOS to quit traditional dentistry and build a million dollar sleep business

Day Two

Basic Overview of Oral Appliances

Dr. Brandon HedgecockReviewing the many types of oral appliances and use cases for each

The IAOS Screening Process & How to Review HST Results

Dr. Chad DenmanHow to use the Screen-Test-Treat protocol to guarantee legally treatable sleep patients in the eyes of medical insurance companies

The IAOS In-Office Model

Avi WeisfogelHow to legally turn your dental patients into sleep patients and take advantage of the relationships you already have

My Path to Dental Sleep Dominance

Dr. Brandon HedgecockHow I Built a Seven-Figure Sleep Practice from Scratch After Trying (and failing) for Years to Do it On My Own

Legalities and What You Need to Succeed

Avi WeisfogelOverview of contracts, agreements, and processes to protect yourself against audits and more

Our Promise to You

While we could never guarantee that a two day dental sleep medicine course will make all of your wildest dreams come true, we can certainly guarantee that you will leave the event knowing more than 99.9% of dentists know about how to truly succeed in dental sleep medicine.

What you do with that knowledge from there will be up to you. Some dentists simply go on their way and return to traditional dentistry. A fair amount, however, choose to enroll in the four-year Dental Sleep MBA™ program and get our guidance, systems and support to build a successful dental sleep medicine practice.

You have two choices: close the page and continue down the dentistry path, or take a 100% risk-free weekend trip and see what this is all about.

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The Sleep Practice Blueprint in Austin
May 19-20, 2023