We Help Dentists Build Profitable Sleep Businesses

Our proprietary IAOS Business Model creates the step-by-step path to finally take advantage of the endless potential of dental sleep medicine.

Group Users

Unlock an Unlimited Patient Base

Create a mutually beneficial relationship between you, physicians, and sleep doctors to create an endless stream of physician-diagnosed sleep patients - WITHOUT waiting around for referrals.


Master Medical Reimbursement

Our 27-step reimbursement process ensures you get paid an average of $3,000, every patient, every time.


Build a Business You Can Sell

A sleep business built the IAOS way is structured to sell for over 4x the value of a traditional dental practice.

Over 180 dentists have adopted the IAOS model to generate 20+ sleep patients per month at an average reimbursement of $3,000.

From business to clinical, IAOS provides unparalleled coaching support and a family of hundreds of dentists to ensure your success.

Become the Go-To Sleep Person in Your Area

Whether you need business or clinical support, we can help you become the go-to sleep person in your area.

DSMBA Membership

Our Flagship 4-Year Program

The Dental Sleep MBA™ is a 4-year program designed to make you the go-to sleep person in your area. Yes, the goal is to deliver oral appliances. But it’s much deeper than that. This program is designed to give you the tools you need to improve the health of the people in your community. With unparalleled support and individualized coaching from people who have already done it, we can help guarantee your success in building a stand-alone sleep business that can generate 20+ patients every month with a predictable reimbursement of $3,000 each.

Diplomate Program

The most comprehensive dental sleep education

The IAOS Diplomate Program is the most comprehensive program in dental sleep education. Other courses pack information into a short period of time, and some even sell the answers to the final exam. This approach does not lead to a mastery of dental sleep medicine. The IAOS Diplomate Program is a 12-month intensive learning experience combining live and virtual lectures, one-on-one mentorship, and a rigorous literature curriculum. In the end, you will know sleep in your sleep.


Over 180 Dentists Have Adopted the IAOS Model to Build a Successful Sleep Business

Upcoming Events

Our Sleep Practice Blueprint Events Are Presented in Large and Small Group Settings

Hands-On Blueprint

Smaller Class Sizes with More Access to Instructors and Optional Over-the-Shoulder Training

The Hands-On Sleep Practice Blueprint is your opportunity to interact with instructors and classmates on a much deeper level. With class sizes ranging from 15-20, these courses provide expanded access to ask more detailed questions and receive tailored guidance to your unique situation.

Cost: $1,195
Optional Over-the-Shoulder Training Available in Austin

Hands-On Blueprint Schedule

Join us in Austin, TX for our Sleep Practice Blueprint.

Click here to register.

Join us in Austin, TX for our Sleep Practice Blueprint.

Click here to register.

Sleep Practice Blueprint

Larger class size. 2 Days of Learning and 14 CE Hours.

The Sleep Practice Blueprint is a much larger course held twice annually. Our next event will be in September 2022 in Las Vegas. Class sizes at these courses range from 100-150 and offer a more cost-effective way of learning the only business model proven to be effective in dental sleep medicine.

Cost: FREE (Credit Card Required for Cancellation Purposes Only)

Sleep Practice Blueprint Schedule

2023 Dates Coming Soon