IAOS Diplomate Trial Course

October 28th, 2021 | Irving, TX


TMD for the General Dentist:
Occlusion and Parafunction in Sleep Dentistry

The goal of this lecture is to eliminate the myths and mystery in Occlusion and Brusixm for the General Dentist.

In this half-day course, you will learn how to control the forces that threaten your patients and the dentistry you do for them. At the end, you will learn how to control the forces that cause untoward effects when implementing oral appliance therapy for sleep disturbed breathing.

You will learn how to diagnose the vast majority of joint dysfunctions and orofacial pain patterns and treat conservatively - all while understanding the "red flags" that lead to immediate referral.

For many years, dentistry has been dominated by prevailing occlusal concepts that were initially presented in the 1960's by Ramjford and Ash. Despite the lack of evidence for the role of "interferences to centric" and “pterygoid spasms,” these concepts remain at the heart of our dental model. As a result, great confusion has led to the development of occlusal "camps," with belief systems dominating rather than science.

This has led to controversy and the prevention of integration of critical muscle and joint concepts into general dentistry. Dr. Barry Glassman removes the controversy and exposes the myths. You and your patients will benefit immediately as the role of function and parafunction and the methods of parafunctional control are thoroughly explored.

Dr. Barry Glassman

Lead Instructor | Director of Education

Dr. Glassman is Diplomate of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management, a Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of the International College of Craniomandibular Disorders. He is the medical director of SandBOX Dental Labs and serves on the Medical Advisory Board of TSOI. He teaches Orofacial Pain and Joint Dysfunction and Dental Sleep Medicine internationally. He is the Director of Education for the International Academy of Sleep.

barry glassman

Learn to Control the Forces That Threaten Your Patients and the Dentistry You Do for Them

This half-day course uses evidenced based science to help eliminate the myths that prevent us from confidently and comfortably helping patients in the untold was we are able. We will examine the theories of occlusion and restorative therapy and critically evaluate the reality of occlusion’s role in joint therapy and pain control. We will examine the role of bruxism in pain
management and look deeply into the relationship of bruxism and sleep
disturbed breathing.

Note: This is the ONLY occlusion course you will EVER need to take.

This course will provide the basic information to diagnose and effectively treat joint dysfunction and many orofacial pain conditions. Our goal is to determine how this disorder occurred, and why it remains persistent. This allows us then to treat more efficiently and readily within the scope of our general dental practices.

Learning the myths of occlusion will be both enlightening and exciting. There will be numerous concepts that you know are true but we’ve been told for years that weren’t… and they ARE!!!

This information is essential to all practicing dentists and will be immediately helpful in your daily practice. Learn an exciting new protocol using parafunctional control. The various potentially confusing occlusal therapeutic concepts will be explored in detail. Diagnostically drive therapy including splint therapy and supportive therapy will be reviewed. The
dentist’s role in headache therapy will be explored.

This course is designed to take the confusion out of this critical subject matter for the general dentist.

What You'll Learn

This Course is Designed to Take the Confusion Out of This Critical Subject Matter for the General Dentist

✓ When Occlusion Matters - and more importantly - when it doesn't!

✓ Why we NEVER diagnose "TMD" and how to use more specific diagnostically driven therapy

✓ Design of occlusal night guards explored: when to make them and (more importantly) when not to!

✓ What is the most common cause of non-compliance of night guards and how to avoid that problem

✓ Why occlusal night guards can cause headaches and joint pain

✓ Practical anatomy and physiology of the joints and muscles - and why it matters

✓ The myths of dentistry that never really made sense anyway

✓ Why do some patients with cross bites and other malocclusions present with pain and others don't

✓ Travel's concepts of interferences causing lateral pterygoid spasms have been debunked and replaced with a more reliable model. Learn the Adaptive Theory Model and begin to apply the concepts immediately

✓ Learn what causes those nasty clicks; what to do and when we need to do it

✓ What joint position should be considered when contemplating major dentistry - you'll be surprised!

✓ Practice management concepts that could change your life and help you enjoy dentistry even more

✓ Basic headache and migraine diagnosis and the RED FLAGS that indicate referral

✓ Learn to diagnose and understand chronic pain patterns - so that dental pain without a clear cause is more readily understood and treated, rather than being blamed on the "pathologic dot" obtained with articulating paper!

✓ Headaches including migraine are neurological issues not DIRECTLY
related to “occlusion” – and yet we as dentists can help properly identify and
expose headache issues and deal directly some major contributing factors.

✓ Learn the best way to deal with your “occlusal neurotics” and understand how they got that way.

✓ How to deal with patients who just don’t have a “comfortable bite.” Hint:
the answer will NOT lie in an occlusal adjustment!

✓ What is “occlusal dysestheisa,” why is it so destructive, how should it be
identified and treated?

✓ Learn the truth about the “cause” of bruxism, the relationship of bruxism to sleep disturbed breathing.

✓ Learn how the knowledge of the craniomandibular system and the role of parafunction can help in your sleep appliance designs to make them more
effective and less likely to cause untoward effect


Join Us in Dallas for this Advanced Lecture on TMD & Occlusion

Tuition: $395
Includes 4 CE Hours

For the first time ever, we are opening up the Diplomate Program to the general public. On October 28th, 2021, our Diplomates will meet in Irving, TX, to hear Dr. Barry Glassman lecture on everything you've read above.

Our Diplomate Program is a Diplomate Program unlike any other. We pride ourselves on the most rigorous training in the world of dental sleep medicine - and you'll see the difference for yourself at this live lecture.

This lecture will be held the day prior to the start of SleepCon, the premier event in dental sleep medicine. Over 300 IAOS Member Dentists and their Staff will be in attendance to hear a jam-packed agenda with over 25 lecturers going deep on sleep.

You will have the option to attend the full SleepCon event (which will include 18 additional hours of CE) - or just join the Diplomate Lecture. Upon booking your reservation for the Diplomate Lecture, you will receive a coupon code for 25% off your SleepCon registration.

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